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Resources for Coaches: Creating an Online Presence

In order for your coaching business to thrive, you need clients. You may be brilliant at supporting people to reach their goals or overcome a specific challenge. You may even have raving reviews from the client or two you do have.

But if people seeking to reach a goal or solve a specific problem don’t know about you…. neither of you wins.

One place potential clients can find you is online. Think about it. When you’re faced with a certain challenge, where do you go to seek an answer?

First you may ask friends and family but chances are you go online and do a search. I do!

If you don’t have an online presence, potential clients looking for a solution can’t find you.

The question is – where should you be online? Continue reading

Tools and Resources for Coaches: Computer Backup Systems

You likely have photographs and videos, important emails, digital products you’ve purchased, and perhaps even reports or products you’ve written that are all saved on your computer.

What if your computer was stolen, a casualty of flooding or fire, or just stopped working. I know firsthand that feeling of dread when you hear the grating sound that signals the impending death of your hard drive. A feeling that is amplified if you haven’t backed up your files!

A survey conducted by Harris Interactive found that only 10%* of computer users backup their files daily.

Do you backup? If so, do you backup often enough? How often is enough? Would your files be protected in all circumstances?

Only you can answer the first question. As for the rest… Continue reading