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The Coaching Commons Hires Journalist Mark Joyella

The Coaching Commons announced on June 2nd that they hired Mark Joyella, an Emmy winning journalist to report on coaching.

In the past most online coaching magazines or portal sites had coaches – whether paid or volunteer – produce the content and news. Hiring a journalist from outside the coaching industry, especially one of Mark’s caliber, is bold for two reasons:
1. journalists aren’t afraid to tell the truth, and
2. he’ll see the industry from a different perspective.

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Laughter Coaching

As you may have discovered there are many different kinds of coaches.  While laughter coaching may not fit the conventional view of life coaching, there are people calling themselves laughter coaches.

According to an article on, laughter yoga was developed by Dr. Madan Kataria in India and consists of yoga breathing combined with laughter exercises, usually in a group setting.  Steve Wilson, a psychologist who has led certification classes worldwide for eight years, traveled to India to collaborate with Dr Kataria in 1998.

If you need to let go of some stress and have a good belly laugh, you may find a laughter club or class in your area. If there are none, join a laughter session offered by phone.

Laughter coaching is serious business (article)

Laughter Yoga International

Health Coaching

For those of you interested in health coaching, this item may be of interest to you. recently announced that Gordian Health Solutions Inc. extended their agreement to provide 6000 employees, eligible spouses and retirees of the city of Charlotte, NC with health coaching through iCoaching.  Health coaching is delivered though multiple modes including phone, email, mail and online tools.

This may give you ideas for delivery of your coaching services or how to think bigger and affect more people.


Gordian Health Solutions Inc.

Is It Time For a Career Change?

Are you in a career that you really don’t like?  Did you choose your career to make your parents proud?  Did you not pursue a passion because others told you it wasn’t practical, you weren’t good enough etc etc.  Or maybe you think you’re too old to find a career you love?  If so, think again.

Career coach Pamela Kleibrink Thompson shares reasons why many of us are in careers that hide our passion.  If you find yourself in any of her examples, it may be time to start figuring out what you truly want to do.

The article is worth a read:  Career Coaching:  Unmasking Your True Potential

Is Cutting Coaching The Right Choice?

While some companies may think cutting their executive coaching and training budgets is the smart way to save money during hard economic times, could this be hurting them?  That likely depends on the role of coaching and training in the company according to this article from “Personnel Today” called:  “Coaching Through Recession: When the going gets tough.”