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Executive Coach Survey by Stanford University and the Miles Group

Over 200 CEOs and senior executives were polled to find out whether they received leadership advice. Some results include:
– CEOs want to be coaches but only 1/3 of them are.
– Conflict managements skills is the top area for personal development

The summary and results of the survey are available at: Executive Coach Survey

2013 Sherpa Executive Coaching Survey

The 8th annual Sherpa Executive Coaching Survey was released earlier this year. This survey polls executive and business coaches, human resource personnel and those interested in executive coaching. All aspects of executive coaching are looked at from training and certification, industry standards, and assessments used to coaching processes and the value of coaching.

The survey report is 41 pages long. There is a separate 2013 Coaches’ Earning report. Both can be found at:

ICF Releases Executive Summary for 2012 Global Coaching Survey

The ICF just released the Executive Summary for the 2012 Global Coaching Survey.

You can download it at:

The report is only 16 pages long, so it’s a fairly quick read. It’s based on just over 12,000 responses from all types of coaches in 117 countries.

What you’ll find in this report: Continue reading

Sherpa Executive Coaching Survey

The Seventh Annual Sherpa Executive Coaching Survey is available for download. In order to get your copy visit:

For those who are interested, there is an extended version of the study available on the web at the url above.

While I could give a summary on each topic listed in the report, it would do you a disservice as the context and nuances would be lost. Instead, here is what I find valuable about the Sherpa Report. Continue reading