5 Tips for Booking More Complimentary Sessions

Guest Blogger: Teresia LaRocque, MCC

Many coaches use complimentary sessions to turn prospects into clients. Prospective clients get to experience the power of coaching and if it is a great fit will choose you as their coach. When your session is finely tuned and you have a good conversion rate, then by booking more sessions you’ll get more clients.

Below are 5 tips to support you to book more complimentary sessions.

1. Make Booking Complimentary Sessions a Priority

Make booking complimentary sessions one of the intended outcomes of every money-making activity you do. Money-making activities are activities that are directly related to increasing your bottom line.  Continue reading

Becoming a Life Coach: 20 of Your Top Questions Answered in Kindle Store

Becoming a Life Coach: 20 of Your Top Questions Answered is now available in the Kindle Store.

If you’re just starting your research of the profession and wondering what coaching is all about, this ebook is designed for you. Some of the questions answered include:

– What is coaching?
– How does it differ from counseling and consulting?
– Where do coaching sessions take place and how often?
– Can I really make six or seven figures as a coach?
– Do I need to get trained?
– Can anyone become a coach?
– What makes a great coach?
– Who hires coaches?

“Becoming a Life Coach” answers 20 common questions, including those listed above, which many people have when they first hear about the profession. The answers to these questions will give you an overview of the profession and what it takes to become a life coach.

By the end you’ll know whether you want to research the profession of coaching further to see if it’s a good fit as a career for yourself.

Check it out at: Amazon.com | Amazon.ca | Amazon.co.uk

Lighten Your Load by Making a Decision

Fall is the time of obvious change. The trees lose their leaves. The weather gets cooler. It’s a time when we may begin to ponder our future, especially as the new year approaches.

When we don’t make a decision or complete a project or task, these incompletions can weigh on us. It can clutter our mind or just make us feel heavy energetically. At least that’s my experience.
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What is a Complimentary Session and Why Do You Need One?

Imagine you’re at a networking meeting. You meet a coach.

During your conversation the coach finds out that you’re struggling with finding work you love, which happens to be their niche.

The coach says they can help you if you hire them on a one-to-one basis. Your investment will be $450 a month and you need to commit for three months. You say you’ll think about it.

Later in the evening you meet another coach. This coach also finds out you’re trying to find work you love, their specialty area.

This coach offers you a no-cost 45-minute sample session in which you’ll explore together what work you love looks like, what’s holding you back, and what your next steps are.

Two coaches with two very different approaches. Which approach or offer is more compelling to you?  Continue reading

Executive Coach Survey by Stanford University and the Miles Group

Over 200 CEOs and senior executives were polled to find out whether they received leadership advice. Some results include:
– CEOs want to be coaches but only 1/3 of them are.
– Conflict managements skills is the top area for personal development

The summary and results of the survey are available at: Executive Coach Survey