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Tools and Resources for Coaches: Computer Backup Systems

You likely have photographs and videos, important emails, digital products you’ve purchased, and perhaps even reports or products you’ve written that are all saved on your computer.

What if your computer was stolen, a casualty of flooding or fire, or just stopped working. I know firsthand that feeling of dread when you hear the grating sound that signals the impending death of your hard drive. A feeling that is amplified if you haven’t backed up your files!

A survey conducted by Harris Interactive found that only 10%* of computer users backup their files daily.

Do you backup? If so, do you backup often enough? How often is enough? Would your files be protected in all circumstances?

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Life Coaching in the Living Room?

Life coach Heidi Lyn has come up with a unique way to promote her business – through Tupperware like parties hosted in people’s living rooms.  The host invites ten to twelve people with a similar challenge or goal.  Heidi Lyn talks about coaching and then does a session with someone at the coaching party.

The beauty of this approach is that there is already a level of trust between the host and the guests, part of which is passed onto Heidi Lyn through association.  In addition, one (or more) people get to experience coaching directly while the others see the power of coaching.  If anyone wants to learn more or hire her, then Heidi Lyn can contact them afterwards.

Self-employed professionals have to promote their businesses in order to survive.  Some use speaking, for example, to get in front of their target audience while others use writing or internet-based activities.  Kudos to Heidi Lyn for adding a new twist to the home party idea.

For more on Heidi Lyn visit:  Life Coaching in the Living Room

Infoguru Marketing – Robert Middleton

Talk about over-delivering.  Robert Middleton has supported thousands of service professionals to get clients with his no-hype marketing teachings.  One of my favorites is the InfoGuru Marketing Manual, at a hefty 288 pages.  It also comes with 20 hours of audio tutorials and a support forum where you can discuss the material with other entrepreneurs.

If you want a taste of what Robert has to offer, subscribe and receive his complimentary 22-page ‘Marketing Plan Start-Up Kit.’  Then spend some time looking through the archive for his ‘More Clients eZine.’  You’ll likely find some gems in there.

Coaching Commons – New Coaching Resource

Coaching Commons

Coaching Commons is a new online community where
“coaches can freely create the future together.” The tagline is “Where Radical
Possibilities are Explored & Pursued.” The site is funded by the Harnisch
Family Foundation and led by Andrea J Lee.

Ruth Ann Harnisch shared that
she believes that “coaching conversations can transform the world” which
conjures up visions of the late Thomas Leonard when he started Coachville. His
belief was that everyone is a coach. If you didn’t have a chance to experience
Coachville during the early days, keep an eye on the Coaching Commons. Andrea
was part of Thomas’ core Coachville team.

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