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The World Business and Executive Coach Summit

The First Annual World Business and Executive Coach Summit takes place online starting July 28, 2011.

Before it starts, check out the pre-summit series webinars. These 20-30 minute no-cost webinars are on a variety of topics applicable to Business and Executive Coaches. The truth is coaches of all types will benefit from this information.

Some of the topics covered in the Pre-Summit include:

  • Public Speaking Profits
  • Using a Webinar to Make Sales
  • Ask the 7-Figure Coach Anything
  • 3 Biggest Mistakes Coaches Make That Keep Them Struggling
  • How to Get 5 Qualified Prospects to Meet You This Week
  • Creating Massive Value for Clients

To access the Pre-Summit webinars visit: 3 Biggest Mistakes. (You can access the other Pre-Summit webinars from this page.)

Early Bird ticket price (50% off) ends July 15, 2011. To take advantage visit: World Business & Executive Coach SummitWorld Business & Executive Coach Summit

Disclosure: While these Pre-Summit webinars are no-cost, if you purchase a ticket to the Summit I will receive a commission.

Best of Thomas Call Recap

On a recent teleclass Andrea Lee shared three strategies that the late Thomas Leonard used to attract a worldwide following while building Coachville.

One of the strategies she shared is applicable to all coaches, entrepreneurs, managers, employees etc.  It was about finding the extreme.  In other words, how can you be the ‘ST’ at something?

When it comes to your personal or business vision and mission, a project, your job or career etc., which ‘ST’ could you be?  Will you be the boldest, fastest, most popular, completest (and yes, that is actually a word)….  You get the point.

In order to differentiate yourself from other businesses or employees, you have to offer more than the status quo.  If you apply the above strategy, you can elevate yourself above the noise of the crowd.

If you missed the call or are curious about the other two strategies, you can listen to it here ==> Best of Thomas Call.

Best of Thomas Leonard Call

On a free teleseminar on Thursday, March 12th (4 pm Pacific) Andrea Lee is going to reveal three techniques the late Thomas Leonard used to add attract a worldwide following.

For those of you who don’t know, Thomas was the founder of the International Coaches Federation (ICF), CoachU, CoachVille and the IAC (International Association of Certified Coaches).  Some even feel he was the founder of modern coaching.  He had this incredible capacity to create.  His passing in 2003 left a void in the coaching industry.

Andrea Lee was the general manager of Coachville and worked closely with Thomas.  She’ll be releasing some of his intellectual property (which is vast) as products in the near future.

To register for this fre.e call visit: Best of Thomas Call.

Maybe I’ll see you there…

CoachVille Tour – New Schedule

The CoachVille Tour has been shortened from 70 cities to 24 cities.  It starts in San Diego on April 14th, 2008 and ends in Charlotte, NC on June 18, 2008.

In an email to subscribers, in which Dave Buck shared the reason for the revised tour, the method of the tour was also shared:

The method of the tour – create a documentary film about
coaching, share a new self employment model for professional coaches based on
PLAY! AND deliver the new Power of PLAY! event for the public to explain the
power of personal coaching – remains the same.

For more information on what a typical day on tour will look like:  The Daily Tour Schedule

For the complete schedule of the CoachVille Tour visit:  CoachVille Tour Dates

If you live near a city on the tour and you’re thinking about becoming a coach or you already are one, it’s worth checking out.  Even if you just learn one new tidbit that you can apply to make your life or business better, it’s a win.

CoachVille Tour

Dave Buck of CoachVille will be doing a 70 city tour of the USA from March 7 to June 16, 2008.  The reason stated on their website is:

“The big idea is to create DEEPER public awareness of the power of personal coaching.

If you want to know more about this 2 hour public presentation about the power of personal coaching visit their site.  Dave will also share a new business model that will help coaches build a thriving practice.

Read more at:  CoachVille Tour

P.S.  If you’re thinking about taking coach training with CoachVille but you haven’t decided, this is an opportunity to get a feel for the company.