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Build Your Private Practice – Resource

Want to build a thriving private practice?

If your practice or business is not where you want it to be, check out the Build Your Private Practice Exclusive Members Program.

Casey Truffo and Juliet Austin have created this site to support therapists, coaches and healing professionals to build their business.   Here’s what members receive:

  • Monthly ‘Master the Basics’ Practice-Building Strategies Teleseminar
  • Monthly ‘Advanced Practice-Building Strategies Teleseminar’
  • Bi-Monthly ‘Q&A’ Teleseminar
  • Bi-Monthly ‘Copywriting Critique’ Teleseminar
  • Members Only Discussion Forum
  • Access to Resources, Checklists and Audio-recordings of al teleconference calls

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Build Your Private Practice Exclusive Members Program

Psychologist and Business VP turned Life Coaches

Another decent introduction to life coaching that focuses on two women with very different backgrounds.  Maurine Patten is a clinical psychologist who added coaching to her practice while Ana Webber has been a business leader for 17 years.  In the article the women share (very briefly) about coach training, their specialties, and the fees they charge.

Life coach helps those struggling with the negatives

Here’s a second article by the same writer.  This time he talks about the coaching session he had with Maurine and with Ana.

Reporter gets a firsthand look at life coaching

Coaching vs Therapy

You may wonder how coaching differs from therapy.  In a nutshell, coaches support clients who are healthy and are ready to work towards goals.  They do not work with clients to ‘heal’ trauma or on underlying psychological issues.

Dr. Patrick Williams has written an article on this topic:  “Coaching Vs. Psychotherapy: The Great Debate

Williams is the founder of the Institute for Life Coach Training (ILCT), an organization that trains therapists and helping professionals to become coaches.