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Resources for Coaches: Creating an Online Presence

In order for your coaching business to thrive, you need clients. You may be brilliant at supporting people to reach their goals or overcome a specific challenge. You may even have raving reviews from the client or two you do have.

But if people seeking to reach a goal or solve a specific problem don’t know about you…. neither of you wins.

One place potential clients can find you is online. Think about it. When you’re faced with a certain challenge, where do you go to seek an answer?

First you may ask friends and family but chances are you go online and do a search. I do!

If you don’t have an online presence, potential clients looking for a solution can’t find you.

The question is – where should you be online? Continue reading

The World Business and Executive Coach Summit

The First Annual World Business and Executive Coach Summit takes place online starting July 28, 2011.

Before it starts, check out the pre-summit series webinars. These 20-30 minute no-cost webinars are on a variety of topics applicable to Business and Executive Coaches. The truth is coaches of all types will benefit from this information.

Some of the topics covered in the Pre-Summit include:

  • Public Speaking Profits
  • Using a Webinar to Make Sales
  • Ask the 7-Figure Coach Anything
  • 3 Biggest Mistakes Coaches Make That Keep Them Struggling
  • How to Get 5 Qualified Prospects to Meet You This Week
  • Creating Massive Value for Clients

To access the Pre-Summit webinars visit: 3 Biggest Mistakes. (You can access the other Pre-Summit webinars from this page.)

Early Bird ticket price (50% off) ends July 15, 2011. To take advantage visit: World Business & Executive Coach SummitWorld Business & Executive Coach Summit

Disclosure: While these Pre-Summit webinars are no-cost, if you purchase a ticket to the Summit I will receive a commission.