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The Coaching Commons Hires Journalist Mark Joyella

The Coaching Commons announced on June 2nd that they hired Mark Joyella, an Emmy winning journalist to report on coaching.

In the past most online coaching magazines or portal sites had coaches – whether paid or volunteer – produce the content and news. Hiring a journalist from outside the coaching industry, especially one of Mark’s caliber, is bold for two reasons:
1. journalists aren’t afraid to tell the truth, and
2. he’ll see the industry from a different perspective.

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Coaching Commons – New Coaching Resource

Coaching Commons

Coaching Commons is a new online community where
“coaches can freely create the future together.” The tagline is “Where Radical
Possibilities are Explored & Pursued.” The site is funded by the Harnisch
Family Foundation and led by Andrea J Lee.

Ruth Ann Harnisch shared that
she believes that “coaching conversations can transform the world” which
conjures up visions of the late Thomas Leonard when he started Coachville. His
belief was that everyone is a coach. If you didn’t have a chance to experience
Coachville during the early days, keep an eye on the Coaching Commons. Andrea
was part of Thomas’ core Coachville team.

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