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Creating a Funnel for Your Coaching Business

If you’ve been on the internet long enough, you know that everyone who visits your website or finds out about your services will not hire you as a coach.

Say only 1% of prospects hire you as a coach, what happens to the other 99%?

Do you have an email newsletter visitors can subscribe to so you can develop a relationship with them? Do you have other products and services they can purchase at a lower price?

Let’s face it. $250+ a month for a coach is a big investment for most people, especially if they’ve never experienced the benefits of coaching before.

While some prospects will intuitively know that you’re the right coach for them. Others will need to get to know you better before spending their hard-earned money. You need to prove you’re credible and can support them to get the results they want.

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Your Intentions for Coaching in 2009

We’re half-way through January 2009 already!  Have you set your intentions for this year for the various areas of your life? If you haven’t, make sure you set some time aside to set your year up right!

Given that you’re reading this blog, I’m assuming that you’re interested in coaching and likely fall into one of three groups:
1.  You’re thinking about becoming a coach.
2.  You’re training to become a coach or to add coaching to your current business or job.
3.  You’re already a coach.

Regardless of what group you fall into, what is your intention this year with regards to coaching?

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Infoguru Marketing – Robert Middleton

Talk about over-delivering.  Robert Middleton has supported thousands of service professionals to get clients with his no-hype marketing teachings.  One of my favorites is the InfoGuru Marketing Manual, at a hefty 288 pages.  It also comes with 20 hours of audio tutorials and a support forum where you can discuss the material with other entrepreneurs.

If you want a taste of what Robert has to offer, subscribe and receive his complimentary 22-page ‘Marketing Plan Start-Up Kit.’  Then spend some time looking through the archive for his ‘More Clients eZine.’  You’ll likely find some gems in there.

Build Your Private Practice – Resource

Want to build a thriving private practice?

If your practice or business is not where you want it to be, check out the Build Your Private Practice Exclusive Members Program.

Casey Truffo and Juliet Austin have created this site to support therapists, coaches and healing professionals to build their business.   Here’s what members receive:

  • Monthly ‘Master the Basics’ Practice-Building Strategies Teleseminar
  • Monthly ‘Advanced Practice-Building Strategies Teleseminar’
  • Bi-Monthly ‘Q&A’ Teleseminar
  • Bi-Monthly ‘Copywriting Critique’ Teleseminar
  • Members Only Discussion Forum
  • Access to Resources, Checklists and Audio-recordings of al teleconference calls

Only $4.95 to try it out for one month

Build Your Private Practice Exclusive Members Program

New Coaching Manifesto by Milana Leshinsky

Have you read the ‘New Coaching Manifesto’ yet?  If you’re considering a career in coaching or you’re already a coach, it’s worth reading.  You may even find it a bit controversial.  I’m sure some will!

In the ‘New Coaching Manifesto‘ Milana Leshinsky offers her opinions on what coaches need to do in order to thrive financially as a coach.  While I agree with most of what she has written, there is one thing I don’t agree with it.

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