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What It Really Takes to Become a Coach

More and more people want to become a life coach or business coach these days.

You too may be caught up in the excitement of how rewarding a career as a coach could be both professionally and financially.  The only problem is you be may be overlooking the realities of what is involved in starting a coaching business.

There are 5 keys areas in understanding the truth about what it takes to become a coach:

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New Coaching Manifesto by Milana Leshinsky

Have you read the ‘New Coaching Manifesto’ yet?  If you’re considering a career in coaching or you’re already a coach, it’s worth reading.  You may even find it a bit controversial.  I’m sure some will!

In the ‘New Coaching Manifesto‘ Milana Leshinsky offers her opinions on what coaches need to do in order to thrive financially as a coach.  While I agree with most of what she has written, there is one thing I don’t agree with it.

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