What Do Your Prospective Clients Want?

Before you start creating new products and services, find out what your prospects want. Most people create the product only to find out that their target market isn’t interested in it. It may not address their market’s most pressing challenge or the price point may be off. Then the product creator either has to find a new target market that does want the product or ditch the product.

An ideal target market is hungry for the solution to their challenge and is willing to pay for the solution. It’s much easier to give your market what they want than to guess what they want.

Here are four ways to find out what your target market wants:

1. Observe your current and past clients.
Do the same challenges repeat amongst them? Why are your clients attracted to you? Do you help them solve a specific challenge? If so, you can create a product or program that will leverage your time. But keep reading before you run off and start creating…

2. Ask Your Ezine Subscribers
Ask the subscribers of your ezine what their biggest challenge is. You can also ask if they’ve been able to find the solution, if they’re willing to purchase a product or service that supports them to solve the issue, and even what price points they would be willing to pay. It’s easy to create a survey using free services such as SurveyMonkey.com or Zoomerang.com

3. Visit Online Forums and Discussion Groups
If you don’t have an ezine or list, you can find out what your target market wants by visiting online forums and discussion boards they frequent and reading the posts. What is their biggest challenge? Is anyone providing a solution to it?

4. Look Through Magazines
Look through magazines your target market reads to find ads that repeat week after week (they wouldn’t repeat if they weren’t selling). What is the challenge they are providing the solution for?

The answers you gather will help guide you as to the ‘hot’ challenges and solutions wanted, price points or whether it’s worthwhile to even create a product.

What does your target market want? Have you asked them? If not – find out! What they say may surprise you…

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