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3 Myths about Coaching

Prospective coaches and even trained coaches have beliefs about coach training, growing a coaching business, and the act of coaching itself. Below are 3 myths about coaching.

1. The client has all the answers.
Coaches never give advice or suggestions, right?! Many coaching purists believe this to be true. They believe they just need to ask the right questions and the client will figure out the answer.

If the client had all the answers, why would they need a coach? While an effective coach will have the skills to elicit many answers from their client, sometimes the client just does not have the answer. If they’ve hired you for your expertise on a topic or with a situation then you probably know the answer or solution they need, or could consider, in that moment.

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3 Myths about Becoming a Coach

Whether you’re already a coach or thinking about becoming one, you may have perceptions about coaching, coach training and certification, or the business of coaching that may or may not be true.

A myth, as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is “a popular belief or tradition that has grown up around something or someone.”

For instance, you may have heard the story about the women who cut off the ends of the ham before she baked it. Her husband asked her why she did it that way and she replied “that’s the way my mother did it.” When she asked her mother why she cut the ends off the ham, her mother said “my pan was too small so I had to cut off the ends to make it fit.”

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