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ICF Releases Executive Summary for 2012 Global Coaching Survey

The ICF just released the Executive Summary for the 2012 Global Coaching Survey.

You can download it at: www.coachfederation.org/coachingstudy2012/

The report is only 16 pages long, so it’s a fairly quick read. It’s based on just over 12,000 responses from all types of coaches in 117 countries.

What you’ll find in this report: Continue reading

Sherpa Executive Coaching Survey

The Seventh Annual Sherpa Executive Coaching Survey is available for download. In order to get your copy visit: www.sherpacoaching.com/survey.html

For those who are interested, there is an extended version of the study available on the web at the url above.

While I could give a summary on each topic listed in the report, it would do you a disservice as the context and nuances would be lost. Instead, here is what I find valuable about the Sherpa Report. Continue reading