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The Value of Coaching in the UK

The April edition of “Coaching World” is available to read on the International Coach Federation site.  There doesn’t appear to be a link to archived editions, so if you want to read it I suggest you visit sooner than later!

I found the article on page 11 of the this edition interesting.  In “The Value of Coaching in Career Development Made Clear to UK Government” they shared how more callers to the government’s Career Advice service are asking to speak to career coaches vs information advisors.  A huge shift in percentages from 2000 when the numbers were reversed.

I would think this is due to the rise in the awareness by the public that non-sport coaching exists.  If you mentioned coaching in 2000, most people thought you meant sport coaching.  Many had never heard of life or career coaching.  Obviously the media and the growth of the internet helped in spreading the word as well.