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A Certified Coach in Just 2 Days?

The other day I read an ad in a local publication offering a 2-day course for coaches. That in itself is not unusual.  The ad claimed that participants would learn everything they needed to succeed and implied that they could become a certified coach.  I checked their site and it clarified that certification was possible as long as the participant passed an assessment on the 2nd day.

Let’s just say I was a wee bit (ok a whole lot) skeptical.

First of all, how can you learn ‘everything’ you need to to succeed in just 2 days? I think that statement is a bit misleading.  You could learn what you need to get started as a coach, both coaching skills and basic business building concepts, but not everything.

Unless a prospective coach has previous business experience or training, it takes time to learn how to build, market and operate any business, including a coaching business.

Secondly, can a person be skilled enough to be worthy of certification after just 2 days of training?

That aspect warranted further investigation.

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