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Discovering Your Unique Talents

We each have skills, gifts and/or talents that we are naturally good at and love to do! Some of these unique talents we know about and some may be waiting to be discovered or re-discovered. Often we don’t recognize our talents as we think everyone finds that particular activity as easy to do as we do. In some cases we may have buried our talent after being told there was no money to be made using it or we may have followed a career path that our parents thought would be better for us.

Imagine how energizing it would be to live your life using your unique talents most of the time, whether it be in work or play!

To discover your unique talents consider these ‘clues’:

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Is It Time for a New Career or a New Job?

It can be tempting to jump into a new career like coaching if you’re not feeling satisfied, fulfilled or challenged in your current job. Before you make the leap to a new profession, figure out if what you need is a new job or a new career. The two exercises below can help you figure this out.

Even if you’re already a coach, self-employed or enjoy your job, the exercises below can reveal valuable insights about your current work tasks and work environment.

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