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Why Do You Want To Become a Coach?

Before you start figuring out how to become a coach, take some time to reflect on why you want to become a coach. I previously shared, in the Why Become a Coach? post, the main answers I was given by fifteen coaches I contacted.

It’s easy to surf the web and talk to coaches about the profession of coaching in order to find out more about it. Going inward and finding out your ‘why’ is a more reflective process that some may be resistant to. Plus the true answers may not be apparent right away. You may need to understand the profession better and what your skills, expertise and talents are before you can get to the deeper answers.

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Psychologist and Business VP turned Life Coaches

Another decent introduction to life coaching that focuses on two women with very different backgrounds.  Maurine Patten is a clinical psychologist who added coaching to her practice while Ana Webber has been a business leader for 17 years.  In the article the women share (very briefly) about coach training, their specialties, and the fees they charge.

Life coach helps those struggling with the negatives

Here’s a second article by the same writer.  This time he talks about the coaching session he had with Maurine and with Ana.

Reporter gets a firsthand look at life coaching

Are you thinking of becoming a life coach?

Are you thinking of becoming a life coach?  Do you find yourself wondering what coaching is all about?  If so, the articles and resources listed here may be of interest to you.

The purpose of the ‘Becoming a Life Coach’ blog is to share articles, media video clips, books, websites, and other coaching resources.  If you know of a great resource that prospective coaches would find beneficial, send me a message and let me know.

Enjoy your journey!