How to Stay Focused on the Big Things

So many priorities compete for our attention and time. How can we stay focused on the ‘big’ things and make sure the other important things get taken care of?

Below are three suggestions for you to consider:

1. Determine your top three goals or intentions for the year professionally and personally.

Anytime an opportunity comes your way, ask yourself if it will move you towards or away from your goal. If it will move you towards, then seriously consider it. If it will move you away from your goal, consider letting it go.

Also consider the time, resources and energy that would need to be devoted if you chose to take on that opportunity.

2. Do the things you love and/or that you are uniquely talented at.

When we spend the majority of our time doing things we love and are good at time seems to fly. We feel energized even after hours of performing the activity. Unique talents are those things that we do easily
and naturally and that we enjoy doing. (See Discovering Your Unique Talents” for more on this topic.)

3. Delegate

Delegate the tasks you do not enjoy doing and/or you’re not good at whenever possible. These tasks usually end up taking you much longer to finish than someone who is good at it.

If, for instance, you are a small business owner and dislike doing your monthly bookkeeping, hire a bookkeeper. Hire a maid if you don’t like to clean your house.

Spend the time you save doing activities that will move you towards your goals and objectives for the year (as per 1.)

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