ICF Releases Executive Summary for 2012 Global Coaching Survey

The ICF just released the Executive Summary for the 2012 Global Coaching Survey.

You can download it at: www.coachfederation.org/coachingstudy2012/

The report is only 16 pages long, so it’s a fairly quick read. It’s based on just over 12,000 responses from all types of coaches in 117 countries.

What you’ll find in this report:

1. Number of coaches worldwide and by region

The International Coach Federation (ICF) estimates there to be 47,500 professional coaches in the world, as per a press release issued yesterday.

When you compare this with the estimated 40,000 business coaches worldwide from the Global Coaching Survey Frank Bressar Consulting did in 2008/2009 – the ICF number seems a bit low.

(To access this latter report visit: www.frank-bresser.com/globalcoachingsurvey.html)

2. Annual income from coaching by region.

In another press release the ICF stated that the average annual income generated by coaches globally is approximately $47,900.

You’ll also find the average income and the median income for seven regions worldwide in the report. Since I’m not allowed to publish figures contained in the executive report without their written permission, you’ll have to check those out for yourself.

Since executive or corporate coaches tend to make more than life coaches, it would be helpful to see the income number broken down by type of coach.

3. Other topics in the Executive Summary

– Trends in Client Numbers, Average Fees, Sessions and Income
– Changes expected in the coming year in client numbers, average fees etc.
– Key issues facing the industry including whether coaches feel the industry should be regulated or not.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the results. Leave your comment in the space provided below.