Ready to Meet Other Coaches?

When you’re exploring coaching as a possible career it makes sense to meet coaches. You can find out about their journey, what they love about coaching, what they find most challenging, and maybe even find a coach for yourself. (How can you really know what coaching is unless you have experienced having your own coach?!)

If you’re already a coach, it’s easy to get isolated and become a lone ranger as you build your business. Get out and mingle with coaches in your area and build your network. You may meet someone you didn’t even know you needed to meet or who needed to meet you!

One option is to attend a meeting of the local chapter of one of the coaching associations. The International Coach Federation, for example, has 100 chapters worldwide, the aim of which is to provide networking opportunities.

Find the chapter nearest to you (via the link below) and then see if they’re have a monthly meeting.
Find a Chapter

I did this when I was exploring coaching in 2000. I’m still in touch with a couple of the coaches I met that night.

Have fun and let me know how the meeting was!

P.S. This is just one of several ways to meet coaches outlined in the How to Become a Coach ebook.