What’s Your Theme for 2011?

Once you have set your intentions for the year, it’s time to create your theme for the year.

A theme is a one to three word phrase that summarizes what your year is about. There may be a common thread throughout your intentions from which you can draw a theme. There may be a way you need to be in order for your goals to be achieved.

Why Choose a Theme?

A theme can be used to remind you what you want to achieve this year. It can be a ‘power’ phrase that gets you in the right vibration or frame of mind. It’s just another tool at your disposal.

Examples of Themes

Team Work
In the Moment
Do It Now
Giving Value

My Theme for 2011

At first I thought my theme would be Massive Action. I have gazillions of ideas which can sometimes overwhelm me and keep me from taking action.

When I thought about it more, I realized that while Massive Action may get things done – it could also lead to non-effective busyness.

Then I asked myself, what is the end result that you think Massive Action will get you? Results!

What type of results? Astounding Results! While I was on the right track, astounding wasn’t a word that resonated with me. It didn’t feel quite right.

When I brainstormed with my MasterMind partner and used a thesaurus, three more adjectives emerged: Outrageous, Extraordinary and Phenomenal.

Phenomenal Results!

That felt much better.

The cool thing about this theme is… it’s not just about me and my business. Phenomenal Results can occur for my clients and subscribers as well!

Your Turn

What’s your theme for the year? Share it below.

Remember – there’s no good, bad, right or wrong. You can even change your theme if you find one that is more fitting later on.


P.S. Mari Smith, better known as a Facebook expert, has a wonderful blog post on picking a theme for the year.