Becoming a Blogger

Becoming a blogger or adding a blog to your coaching site is easier than you think. You may have thought you’d like to create a blog but stopped yourself because you didn’t know where to start. Perhaps you’re a bit fearful of the technical aspects of setting up a blog.

To get started blogging you need to know how to create a blog and what to write about. You can access 10 video tutorials and a report below that shows you how.

Best part – they’re both free.

>> Blogging Tutorials and Roadmap

You can watch 10 video tutorials and learn the technical aspects of setting up a blog via the above link. The topics of these videos range from how to get a domain name and web host to choosing and installing WordPress themes and plugins. If any of that sounds foreign, don’t worry, the terms are explained in the videos.

While you’re there, remember to download the 60+ page report on becoming a blogger. You’ll learn:
– how to pick a topic for your blog;
– the 5 milestones for a successful blog; and
– 13 X-factors that will boost your blog traffic via social media.

I’ve watched all the videos and read the report more than once. They’re excellent.

Click Here to Watch the FREE Blogging Video Tutorials

Get started blogging!

P.S. Already blogging? Want one more free report on how to make money from your blog? It’s more advanced than the report and videos above and covers the types of blog posts you can make (including the infamous pillar article), ways to market your blog, and how to monetize your blog. Blog Profits Blueprint