Three Signs of a Miserable Job – Book Review

Three Signs of a Miserable Job:  A Fable for Managers (and their employees)
by Patrick Lencioni

Do you see yourself in any of the following scenarios:
– On Sundays you start to dread the upcoming work week.
– You don’t feel valued in your job.
– There is a high rate of turnover in the company
– Employees don’t seem to care about their work.

If so, Patrick Lencioni has a possible solution for you.  “Three Signs of a Miserable Job” is mainly written in a novel format as we follow Brian as he learns the three keys to job satisfaction.  If you think, like I did, that doing what you love is the only solution, you may be in for a surprise. Even people who do what they love or are good at, don’t necessarily love their job.

The three aspects that are vital are:  (1) The person must know that someone cares about them.  (2) They must know who they serve.  (3) They must be able to measure their performance as it relates to #2.  If any or all of these three things are missing employees aren’t happy and excited which affects service, customers and sales.  Plus an unhappy employee affects his family, friends and people he or she may encounter on the way to and from work.

This was such an engaging and easy book to read.  Lessons of how to apply each of the three aspects are woven naturally into the story of Brian.  If you’re looking for a job, find out which companies incorporate these three factors.  If you’re a manager, try the suggestions out.  If you’re a coach who works with managers, owners or those in career transition, this book may also contain gems for you.