Is Cutting Coaching The Right Choice?

While some companies may think cutting their executive coaching and training budgets is the smart way to save money during hard economic times, could this be hurting them?  That likely depends on the role of coaching and training in the company according to this article from “Personnel Today” called:  “Coaching Through Recession: When the going gets tough.”

One thought on “Is Cutting Coaching The Right Choice?

  1. Pollyanna Jacobs

    It’s interesting how all the best and most useful programs get cut in times of financial strain but these are actually the things that should not go. The coaching probably has improved productivity and moral and when things are tough it’s a time we really need this. It’s just like in public schools when the arts get cut during budget deficiencies but it cuts off kids from being creative and being future creators of new ways to bring us out of the hardships.

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