Life Coaching in the Living Room?

Life coach Heidi Lyn has come up with a unique way to promote her business – through Tupperware like parties hosted in people’s living rooms.  The host invites ten to twelve people with a similar challenge or goal.  Heidi Lyn talks about coaching and then does a session with someone at the coaching party.

The beauty of this approach is that there is already a level of trust between the host and the guests, part of which is passed onto Heidi Lyn through association.  In addition, one (or more) people get to experience coaching directly while the others see the power of coaching.  If anyone wants to learn more or hire her, then Heidi Lyn can contact them afterwards.

Self-employed professionals have to promote their businesses in order to survive.  Some use speaking, for example, to get in front of their target audience while others use writing or internet-based activities.  Kudos to Heidi Lyn for adding a new twist to the home party idea.

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