CoachVille Tour – New Schedule

The CoachVille Tour has been shortened from 70 cities to 24 cities.  It starts in San Diego on April 14th, 2008 and ends in Charlotte, NC on June 18, 2008.

In an email to subscribers, in which Dave Buck shared the reason for the revised tour, the method of the tour was also shared:

The method of the tour – create a documentary film about
coaching, share a new self employment model for professional coaches based on
PLAY! AND deliver the new Power of PLAY! event for the public to explain the
power of personal coaching – remains the same.

For more information on what a typical day on tour will look like:  The Daily Tour Schedule

For the complete schedule of the CoachVille Tour visit:  CoachVille Tour Dates

If you live near a city on the tour and you’re thinking about becoming a coach or you already are one, it’s worth checking out.  Even if you just learn one new tidbit that you can apply to make your life or business better, it’s a win.