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Do You Use Reviews?

Do you track and measure your progress towards your personal and/or business goals? Some of you may have groaned or zoned out. Tracking sounds very technical and… boring.

Why Bother with Reviews?

Perhaps you’ve heard this quote… “What we focus on expands.”

From what I’ve read about manifestation, when we give our brain (specifically, the Reticular Activating System) something to focus on, it goes in search of that thing in our physical world.

Let’s take this a step further. It’s really easy to get distracted from our goals. In order to keep our focus on what we want to have in our life (or to have more of in our life) we can use vision boards, for example, as a visual reminder of what we want to create.

In addition to this, we can monitor our progress on a regular basis. One way of doing this is a review.

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